• Krish | ChargeBee

    Krish | ChargeBee

    Entrepreneur; another sleep deprived idiot; cofounder of Chargebee Subscription Billing and Invoicing.

  • Anna McSweeney

    Anna McSweeney

    UX designer @100shapes, alumni @GA_London, ex rower @univ_of_lon_bc and Bradley Wiggins wannabe

  • Slavo Glinsky

    Slavo Glinsky

    Digital product designer building AI products. Find out more at www.slavoglinsky.com. Co-creator of www.uimotionkit.io

  • zidi alaeddine

    zidi alaeddine

  • Daniel Boundy

    Daniel Boundy

  • Michael Gilles

    Michael Gilles

  • Otávio Ribeiro

    Otávio Ribeiro

    UI/UX Designer - otaviopr.com

  • David Ricke

    David Ricke

    design recruiter @Atlassian, traveler, foodie, wine and vodka enthusiast, thaiaholic, bookworm, dog lover, beach bum at heart

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